Thursday, November 6, 2008

Turning 40

My birthday is Sunday, November 9th, I will be 40! I am actually pretty excited about it, it means God has allowed me to reach yet another milestone in my life. I am not depressed like some people get at 40. I am however reflecting on my life and especially my mom's life.

A little history, my mom died from breast cancer at the age of 44. She discovered her lump when she was 41 and it had probably been there for 2 years. The closer I get to those ages the more I reflect on her life and all of the moments we shared!

My mom and I were very close up to the very end. We talked about everything, things most girls are afraid to talk to their parents about as teenagers. I know that she didn't always like what I told her, but she always tried her best to understand.

I have tried very hard over my children's life to be the kind of mom I had! There are many times that I feel that I have failed miserably and other times that I rejoice that she would be proud of how I handled the situation.

I started looking for pictures of me and her together and couldn't find many because she did not like pictures being taken of her. I am a lot like her in that way, I don't like pictures being taken of me either. I will be changing this when it comes to pictures of me and my boys, I don't want them to look for pictures of me and them together and not be able to find them because I didn't want anyone to remember how fat I think I am.

Below are the few pictures I found of us together!

My mom and me at my first birthday!
My mom and me at my Jr. prom, she turned 40 that July. (love the 80's hair)

My mom and me at the first prom I attended.

My sister Tracy, my mom and me at mom and dad's 25th wedding anniversary. (again love the 80's hair on Tracy and me!)

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  1. what a nice post about your mom and your memories.

    see ya at the blog party