Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love the Holiday Season

Don't you just love the Holiday season? Starting at Thanksgiving and ending at the New Year is my favorite time of year. I seem to focus more on the things that I have not on what I don't have and on making everyone else around me happier. Even though we have more things to spend our money on and I have a lot more stuff to do, I am always a little happier. I love to watch little kids and their excitement at this time of the year. I also love watching older people, they are almost as excited as the kids. This time of year so often brings back happy childhood memories. My favorite memories of my mom are around this time of year. I can remember getting up on Thanksgiving and smelling the turkey cooking, and her cooking all day and how much she enjoyed everyone being around and the fellowship. I remember "helping" her decorate the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. She always played Christmas music and we would have cookies and hot chocolate while we were decorating it. I remember Christmas Eve dinners with my mom's best friend, Wanda who had no family in SC, so she had her and her family at our house, this quickly became a tradition. I think that is why I am so happy at this time of the year, I remember the joy it brought my mom and in turn me.

I have tried throuhg the boys childhood to make memories for them that will last their entire lives. We have made the ornaments for the tree on several years. One year we made Ginger Bread People ornments, painted them and decorated them. Devin and I made the dough and cut them out. Storm and I painted them a gingerbread color and decorated them. We then decorated the tree together, Braxton helped to decorate the tree that year, but he was too little to help with the ornaments. I always took several days to bake cookies with them.

What do you do to make memories with your family?

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