Monday, November 10, 2008

My 40th Birthday Party

Yesterday was my 40th birthday so Robert gave me a birthday party at my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Spartanburg. He invited our closest friends and family. Below are some pictures:

My BLACK cake! The black was sprayed on the outside of the white icing.
Daddy and Braxton.

The back of Tracy's (my sister) head, Liz Haynes, Me and Faith Haynes

The Snyder family Alan, Zack, Melissa and Hailey

The Gregory's- Thomas, Robert, Susan and Robbie

The Ghandi's Di, Kiran, Braxton, Ritika and Abita

Me in my birthday hat. My sister is sitting down behind me with her boyfriend "uncle" Mike.

Robert and the Birthday Girl

Di and Me

My daddy has to put icing on my nose every year. He has done it every year that I can remember!

Devin and Shannon.


  1. Happy Birthday!! You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Thanks for reading IamCandy. IF you ever have time to make a comment it would mean the world to her. She is really into right now and I am trying to encourage her. She does have a great sense of humor. She has had some tough times and I am glad to see her blossoming. Thanks again and again may this be the best year yet