Monday, November 3, 2008

November already?

I cannot believe that it is already November! I talked to my sister yesterday and we were making plans for Christmas. I cannot believe it is already that time of year again! I do so love this time of year! Not just the Holidays but the fact that it is cooler outside and I start baking stuff that makes the house smell good and the heat from the kitchen warms the entire house! I baked apples last night! They were so good! It has been 18 years since I had one, I baked them for my mom when she was sick! I also baked her a pumpking pie and forgot to put sugar in it, by the way girls, pumpkin pie must have sweetener of some sort in it or it is bitter!! That is a story for another day! This time of year makes me so sentimental and makes me think of my mom and my childhood a lot, it makes me smile. I hope that when my kids are older they have a special time that they think of their childhood and smile!

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