Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shots aren't just for kids!

I got the good news on Saturday that I was excepted into the nursing program at Spartanburg Community College, so on Monday I started getting everything together that I need to ensure my spot in the program. I thought that the immunizations would be easy to get so I went to the Health Department, they no longer have my records and suggested that I go to my high school, they should have it in my records. So I drove across town to my high school, they do not have the records on site so they will have to request them from the company that stores them off site and they cannot guarantee me that my immunization records would be in the transcript. Since this would cost $10 and take up to 2 weeks, I decided I would check at the college because they have my high school transcripts. I drive back across town to the college and go to the records department. Guess what? They no longer have them. So I decide that I will call Greenville Tech. to see if they have my high school transcripts and if my immunization records are attached. Of course, they have the transcripts but my immunizations are not a part of them. So now I decide to call my dad to see if by any chance he still has them. He looked where he keeps all of our vital records and found my sisters and my brothers, but not mine. I think he gave them to me before I went to Europe and after living in Germany, Kansas and then back to South Carolina they have been lost. So, I say all of that to say that I now have to get them all done over again on Friday, and this time I won't have my mommy there to make it all better!! I wonder if they'll give me a sucker or at least some stickers if I am good.

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