Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Political E-mails

I am so tired of the negative e-mails I keep receiving! I recently received one that talked about all of the negative press Sara Palin's 17 year old daughter is getting. I agree on that part of it, her daughter is not running for office! Did she make some bad choices in her young life, yes, but let's face it folks so did we! I'm glad that my parent's never ran for office because I did lot's of things back then that I would like to do over, but hopefully I have learned from those mistakes and I hope that Bristol has also. The fact that her daughter is pregnant at 17 does not tell me if she is going to be a postive or negative influence in our government. To get back to the e-mail, the part that really ticked me off is that in defense of Palin the e-mail had a video of an African American gentleman blasting Obama's mom. In the very first statement of the video he called her trash and that she was also pregnant at 17 and was unmarried, I immediatley closed it. What does that have to do with his ability to run our country?

What offended me most was the fact that the person who sent this to me is a Christian and was supporting the person that she feels is the best choice for the job, but I ask this question:
Is sending this type of negative e-mail about either party the Christian way to act? I replied to the e-mail with a request that the person no longer forward me that kind of trash anymore and then deleted the e-mail.

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