Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Change is in the air!

I love the change of seasons! For the past two days it has been cool enough that I have had all of the windows in the house open. I was talking with someone yesterday and she said that she is always ready for each season change. That made me think, God IS in control of everything. We seem to forget that! He set the seasons into motion. He knows that we as humans get restless and complain a lot, so he set a change in seasons. Think about it, when we get to the point that we just can't stand the heat anymore, it starts cooling off, and little by little gets cooler until it is Winter. Then we are to the point where we are tired of shivering (not necessarily in the South), but at least we are tired of the brown, dull landscape, and the trees start budding, flowers blooming and the grass turns a beautiful shade of green. Then just as it got cold, it slowly warms up and then it starts all over again.

It's funny that we seem to forget that HE is in control of everything!!!

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