Sunday, September 21, 2008

Don't you love weddings!

Who doesn't love a wedding. My cousin's daughter got married yesterday. It was an outside wedding and it was a perfect day for a wedding! It was not hot and there was a great breeze blowing. Well, the breeze did not work well with the unity candle, but otherwise it was great. The ceremony was great as well, the preacher explained that the wife should submit to her husband, but went on to explain to the husband that if he loved his wife as Jesus loved the church, his wife would not have a problem submitting to him. He also urged the husband to listen to andconsider her opinions. He told him that the wife is not commanded to love her husband because it was in her nature to love him with all of her heart. It was a great ceremony and you could just feel the love between them! If they heed the advice of the preacher you will be able to feel that love forever!
Victoria Nichole before the wedding.
The bride and her daddy!

Suzanne's chair, she went to be with Jesus 2 years ago.

Nikki and Quinten Jett at the reception.

Nikki having fun!

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