Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane clean up

Robert called me this morning and had found out that he would be sent to the Houston area for his job. They are assessing the damage for the Wachovia banks in the affected area. He is Austin right now and has not seen any of the storm in Austin. He said that it appears that Houston is devistated, from what the news media is showing them. It appears that he and his crew may be able to go in tomorrow. The major concerns are obviously the water, debris and glass everywhere and looters. I will keep updating as he updates me. I will also post pictures when he gets them to me. They are still not sure about how many people may have died, Houston did not have a maditory evacuation, and would not have had time to get everyone out anyway. Pray for all of those that stayed behind! I could not imagine the devistation.

JP Morgan building in downtown Houston.

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