Monday, September 8, 2008

Entire Family Night

Last night we planned to take the boys to get pizza at Brixx, their favorite pizza in this area, only Barsoni's Pizza in Cortland, NY tops Brixx for all of my boys, including Robert. In fact at supper Storm even commented on how great Barsoni's Pizza was and he would visit NY just to get their pizza. Robert suggested that I ask Storm to come and we also invited Whitney, his girlfriend of almost 2 years, who I love, she's a red head! We had a great time. I pray that the past will be healed and forgotten so that we can be a family again!!!!

Heather Whittaker has inspired me to spend more time with the boys on her blog She has some of the best ideas, her kids are smaller so she gets creative, sometimes it is all I can do to get them all to go out together!

Storm sporting Whitney's glasses
Storm and Whitney.


  1. I loved your family night! I wasn't going to post my family night, because I was too tired to go all out and do it. We just went for dessert at McD's. I'm inspired by the simplicity of your night. Thanks!!

    Oh, and I admire you for being able to do it as a single mom. You rock! If you kids don't appreciate what you are doing for them now, just remember, Proverbs 31 - your children WILL rise and call you BLESSED!!

  2. It is all about spending time doing something out of the norm. Love it. H