Friday, February 6, 2009

A wonderful evening

As I posted in my blog last night, Robert had bought me tickets to "Conway Twitty, The man, the music, the musical". After the concert we met my sister, her boyfriend and my 2 aunts at Krispy Kreme for donuts and conversation. We had finished our donuts and were talking and a lady walked in with a backstage pass on, Robert kept looking at her and telling me that he thought it was one of Conway's daughters, and I blew him off and thought he was crazy. He kept insisting that it was one of the daughters and wanted me to talk to her, but I hesitated thinking that it was probably a stage hand. Well, Robert spoke to her and asked her what her name was and she replied, Kathy Twitty. She got her donuts and sat down in the booth beside us. At this point I did go over and talk to her and let her know how much her dad's music had meant in my mom's life. She told us that her sister, Joni was in the car and would be inside in a minute when she got off the phone. Joni did join us minutes later and we sat and talked for about an hour! It was amazing, they were so down to earth and I loved watching them talk about their dad! It was the best Christmas gift ever. I so felt my mom with me last night!!!

The autograph I got from them so that I could prove to my sister that I had met Conway's daughters who had written and produced the show we had just watched.