Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello Darlin

I am so excited about tonight! My mom was a huge fan of Conway Twitty, if he came in the area she would be there. In fact, when she was sick Conway was coming to Greenville for a concert an I had contacted the radio station that was sponsoring his concert to see if he would come by our home to see her. The day after she died, the radio station contacted me and Conway had agreed to come visit her! She would have met him if she could have hung on just a few more days!

My husband knows how much she loved him and bought me tickets to "Conway Twitty, The Musical" for Christmas. He said that he knew I missed her so bad, especially at Christmas so he wanted to give me a part of her and that was his way of doing it. So the musical is tonight. My sister and her boyfriend and two of my moms sisters are all going tonight, our tickets are not near each other, but we will meet up afterwards at Krispy Kreme. I am so excited for this little break since I have been so stressed out from school! It almost as if mom is with me today!!!

Thanks again to my sweet hubby, Robert for the thoughtful gift!!!

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  1. Hope you have a blast tonight! What a great gift. Email me - I need to get the Market Tote to you - you won! :)