Saturday, February 21, 2009


I feel so bad, my Braxton threw up on Wednesday night right before bed time, but did not get sick any more during the night. I had clinicals on Thursday morning and had left before he got up for school. Robert said he was feeling ok before he left for school on Thursday morning. After he got to school he got feeling bad again and I was in clinicals and could not be reached, Robert was at the doctor's office and the nurse could not reach his dad. Finally, they got hold of my dad around 12:30 pm, the nurse had started trying to find someone at 10:00 am. Daddy picked him up and babied him until I could get him. When I finally picked him up he threw up again right before we left my daddy's and again in the car (in the bag we had fixed just in case). It made me feel so guilty, that my dream and my school kept me from getting him! I know that I probably should not feel this way, but it is the protective mom part of me that wants to always be there for my kids.
He stayed home from school with me on Friday and is completely better now.


  1. Glad he is feeling better. No need for you to feel guilty - stuff happens sometimes that is out of our control. Hope you have a fabulous week!

  2. Hi! My oldest son's name is Braxton, and I am in clinicals for nursing! Check out my blog (, and I would love to hear how you chose Braxton's name!

  3. Awwww, don't feel bad--glad he is back to normal! :o)