Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My sweet man

Robert is in Syracuse NY this week taking a class for work. He grew up in Cortland, about 30 minutes South of Syracuse so he is staying with his parents. It snowed today so he took pictures and posted them on his facebook. When we go to visit we drive, the route takes us through the mountains of Virginia and Pennsylvania and I absolutely love the barns that are nestled on the mountains. He thinks it is so funny that I am so enamered with them, he grew up seeing these rural farms and they are normal to him, but I see so much beauty in them. He can't believe that I get so much joy from them. He took this picture and titled it "Rene's Farms" just for me. It is little things like this that make me love him so much. He remembers and thinks about the little things that most people bypass or forget all together! Stuff like my favorite color, my favorite flower and my favorite food. I sometimes get caught up in all of the stresses in life and forget to thank him and let him know how important these little things are.
Isn't it so beautiful!


  1. I will love you forever, I can't wait till we have slowed down and can spend some quite time togther.

  2. oh yall seem soooo sweet. We will be at the blog party and thought I would say hello!