Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Night

Mommy & Devin Day:

Since my boys were small I have always tried to spend one on one time with each child. The boys started calling it mommy and (their name) day. So today, school was out and Devin was the only kid home, so we decided to spend some quality time together. We went to the mall and looked at clothes that he likes and just goofed off, we came out of the mall and had a flat tire, but that did not mess up our day, we found humor in it and then switched vehicles and continued our trip. We went to the Pawn Shop to look at guitars, got gas and then came home. We had so much fun, we are a lot alike and find humor in the strangest places, there was a van in front of us at a red light that had the wiper broken off of it, but they had it turned on, it looked like it was wagging it's tail. We both saw it at about the same time and just started laughing! It was a great day!

Me & Devin.

This is his serious face!

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  1. Wow! Linked to your blog from the blog party site. Three of us are coming from the NewSpring Florence campus, and we're picking up a NewSpringer from Anderson on the way (saw your Beautiful post below - isn't this series the bomb! I am listening to the podcasts since we aren't live yet).

    Can't wait to meet you...