Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

WOW, my New Year does bring about a lot of new to me. After 3 years of very hard work I finally graduated nursing school in December 2010. For the first time in several years I will not be starting the new year as a student. This is both a very happy time, but also a very scary time, I no longer have the safety net of school. Sometime in January I will take my state boards to become a registered nurse. Thanks to my school, I was able to get my lpn in late July so I have been working since August at a nursing home on weekends, I will continue there as a RN. It will be great not to have to spend so much time studying. I am so glad that I will now have time to spend with my family going to Braxtons ball games and whatever Devin may be into at the time. I am so thankful to God for everything. I absolutely love being a nurse and I LOVE the residents that I am blessed to serve. I was so scared of working in a nursing home and prayed to God that he would find me something else that I could do as a LPN. Funny how he knows so much more than me. I also prayed that He would open doors so that I could find a full time job where I would not have to work every weekend and it appears that He has opened more doors in the nursing home. I can't wait to see where He will take me in this profession.

Love to all!!!

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