Thursday, May 28, 2009


It is strawberry season here in the upstate of SC and there is this wonderful strawberry farm here named Strawberry Hill, USA. Yesterday was Robert's 50th birthday and he loves Strawberries so we bought 2 gallons and I made him this yummy strawberry cake! It is sooo easy I have attached the recipe below:
1 box white cakemix
3 cups sliced fresh strawberries (sweeten them to taste and set aside)
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup confectioners sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 3 oz box strawberry gelatin
Bake cake mix according to box and allow it to cool completely. Mix the gelatin according to directions and refrigerate it until it is cool, do not let it set up at all. Use a straw to poke holes in the cake and pour the gelatin over the cake evenly allowing it to soak into the cake. Now spread the sliced strawberries on the cake. Whip the heavy cream, confectioners sugar and vanilla on high until it forms stiff peaks, spread it on the cake. I sliced 4 cups of strawberries and set aside 1 cup to add to the top of the cake.
It was delicious! The only problem you will have is that unless you live in upstate SC you will not have the best strawberries in the world! I swear it tastes like they put sugar in the soil, the berries are just that sweet!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Taking Chance

Today is a day that we remember the sacrifices that many men and women have made to keep this the "land of the free". So many have paid the ultimate price so that we can live in a land where we are so blessed. Robert and I watched a movie last week called "Taking Chance". It is a HBO movie that he found on NetFlix about a Colonel that offers to escort a PFC that was killed in the Iraq war on Good Friday 2004 home. It is a very thought provoking movie. If you have HBO it is on today at 9 pm, it will truly make you think!



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quick and Tasty chicken salad

I thought since it is getting warm you may be interested in a real easy chicken salad recipe:

I use a Rotisserie chicken (either lemon pepper or original) because it gives it great flavor and it is already cooked, so you do not have to cook the chicken, it makes it a lot quicker. I let put the chicken in the fridge and let it get cool. After it is cool, take the skin off and pull the chicken off the bone. I just rip the chicken up, in small pieces if I want to use it for sandwiches, or bigger pieces if I plan to serve it as a salad. I then add mayonaise, I add it a wooden spoonful at a time until I get the right consistency. Salt and pepper to taste and serve on sandwiches. If I plan to serve it as a salad I also add sliced red seedless grapes and either wal-nuts, peacans or almonds and serve with crackers. I hope you enjoy it!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Storm and Devin before Storm's Junior Prom in April 2009

Have you ever wondered how 2 children can have the same parents and the same rearing and grow up to be completely different? As most of you know, I have 3 boys, Storm 17, Devin 16 and Braxton 10.

The oldest two boys have always been very close, but since Storm turned 15 he has changed so drastically. Shortly after he was 15 he decided he could not live with my rules anymore and that he wanted to live with his dad, normal for a kid his age. This was very difficult for me because I felt that I had somehow failed as a mother. If I was a good mother my child would want to live with me, right? I have struggled with this for the last 2 years and still do in some ways. About a month ago, Storm decided that he could no longer live with his dad and his rules. To him, both me and his dad are tirants. For goodness sakes, we terrible rules like you have to be in by 11:00 and no phone calls after 9:00, no smoking, drinking or drugs period. Storm broke all of these rules numerous times at both houses and would rebel more and more every time he was punished. It got to the point when he lived with me, as well as with his dad that we were concerned about the well being of the other children in the house (my other 2 boys here and his dad's 2 year old daughter and 1 year old son). We never knew what to expect with Storm, he has stolen prescription drugs from his dad's house and my house. So when he told his dad he was moving out from his house, we both told him that it was not a good idea, but we did not stop him, again another heart-wrenching decision. He has moved in with one of his friends and his family. I have now heard of even worse behavior on his part. I talk to Storm as often as I can and even visit him at work to let him know how much I love him, but am so scared for him! I worry so much about his salvation and live by the scripture: Proverbs 22:6-Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Storm was such a loving child and his brother Devin was my hellian when they were small, you never knew what he would get into next. Now Devin is so grounded, he even tries to give Storm advice and positive encouragement. He is so good with all his younger brothers and sister and even consoles me when I am upset. He is not perfect, but he is so grounded and will refer to the Bible for solutions to any problem. I am so proud of him, he is very active in our youth group and volunteers every Sunday with the two year olds and loves it! I pray for all of my boys every day. I pray that Storm begins to make better decisions for himself, that Devin continues to make good decisions and that Braxton will make good decisions when he gets older. I also pray that I make good decisions for them all and that I become a better model of Christ for them.

Please pray for my Storm and the decisions he is making right now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Being Mom again

Okay, I am trying to get adjusted to being home again, of course the last week or so has been more hectic than school just trying to get things done that were neglected for the past several months. The boys still have a couple of weeks left in school, so I hope to have a little more me time before summer starts.

It is so strange trying to change back from student to stay at home mom (for the summer). I keep thinking I need to read something or write a paper or something! I can't wait for the boys to be home so we can spend some quality time together this summer! I plan to catch up on my blog and may try to start some quick and easy recipes at least once a week!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Needed Break

I have been away for a while, I have been so overwhelmed with school and my family that I have not had any time for the blog world! I have just completed my first semester in nursing school! I am so relieved, B's in all 3 classes, but have been told by the professors that next semester is the most intense out of all 4 classes. I am so glad that I have the summer off to rest, rejuvenate, get some stuff done around the house, read a book other than a text book and of course study what I learned this semester so I don't forget what I learned! Thanks to all that have been praying for my success this semester!