Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update on my 1st test

Well, I got my test back today, I scored 81.5 on it. I am not thrilled, but am happy that I made a C because in order to pass nursing school, you have to pass with at least a C, whic is an 80. I have another test in this class on Thursday and pray that I do better now that I know how to study and what to expect on the test. It is particularly hard for me to accept a C, but maybe God is humbling me!!! Thanks for your prayers and support!


Friday, January 23, 2009

A good afternoon

Today I spent the majority of the day with my favorite aunt, my mom's oldest sister. I have an assignment in my nursing class to interview someone that is at least 70 years old about their life. The assignment had interview questions to ask the person you are interviewing and use that information to write a paper about their life. I chose my aunt who is 78 years old. I enjoyed my afternoon learning about her memories of her childhood. I was amazed at the things she remembered. Her first memory was when she was 4 years old, the night their barn burned down. That was a big deal because grandpa, her father, made his living as a farmer. All of their animals were in the barn. She could remember seeing her daddy going into the barn on the end that she was on and not seeing him come out the other side with animals that he was rescuing. She remembered a neighbor holding her as she screamed for her daddy, thinking that he was lost to the fire. She shared stories of her memories of her younger brother's death and funeral and the fact that she met her dad's mom and dad for the first time at the funeral because her mom and grandpa's parents did not get along. The funeral was the first memory that she has of going to church, even though she was in church her entire life, she clearly remembered the organ and exactly where she sat at the funeral and who was holding her and she remembered watching her mom and dad at the funeral.

She talked about her memories of her dad's stroke and death and the 25 days that he was in the hospital between the two events. She spoke about my mother, her baby sister, and her illness and death. She also spoke about how close she was with my mom. When my mom was born it was my aunts responsibility to take care of her and my uncle who was three years older than my mom. My mom always looked up to her like a mom, they were very close. In fact most of my childhood memories revolve around my aunt, uncle, their 2 daughters their boat and Lake Bowen in Spartanburg, SC.

I loved hearing her talking about her daughters and how much they meant to her and how much the time she spent with them, especially one summer that she took off just to spend with them. She has so much pride in her 3 grandchildren and her newly born great grandson.

She repeatedly spoke about how real death was now, and how she wasn't scared to die. She also talked about how satisfied she was with her life and how now is the best time of her life because she understands a lot and she doesn't feel like she needs as much as she thought she did when she was younger.

I think she enjoyed talking about the memories, but I really believe she enjoyed spending time with me, I know that I surely enjoyed spending time with her and plan to make more time to spend with her and other people in my family that I have neglected lately.

What a wonderful day!! Thanks to my teacher for the assignment.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another first

I had my first test of the first semester of nursing school! I think I did pretty well, but you never know until you get the test back. Next week I have 2 test and a skills check off, to ensure that I know the skills I should to go into the hospital and do clinicals. The 1st check off is handwashing, oral care, bed baths and making beds. Robert volunteered to let me do as many baths on him as I needed to. Even though this is very tiring and mentally draining, I am having so much fun, I am meeting lots of new people who have the same goal as I do, to become a great nurse! I will update with my grade, if I want to publish it, next week!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow day

Well, we had snow last night and they cancelled school today. I looked out of the window and could not believe they cancelled school, you could still see the grass and there was no snow on the road. Evidentally other parts of the county had more snow than we did here. I am from the south and love snow and love the way things close down so that I can enjoy the day with my kids, but today was so bad that by the time I decided to go outside to take pictures it was all melted away! Well at least I got to stay at home and watch this great day in history!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Week of School

Well, one week down and many more to go!!! WOW, I am overwhelmed, so much information to absorb. We have a test this Thursday, check off on skills on the next Thursday and another test and a math test in 5 weeks that if we don't make a 95 on it we are out of the program. It is very tiring, but I am already loving it! It is so much fun getting to know the other people in class. Please keep me in your prayers, my brain does not function as well as it once did!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Braxton got a digital camera for Christmas, thank goodnes that they are really inexpensive now! You never know now when you will get your picture taken so you have to be careful what you do around him! These are a few of the pictures he took. I think this lets you know what his favorite gifts were this year!

The picture of me putting up Christmas decorations! Love this one, I had no idea he took it until I downloaded them for him!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Love Lost?

I stood in the livingroom of an aquaintance who had lost her husband recently. I went to high school with her husband and Robert and I both worked with him. Robert was recently moved into his office and in the process of moving his stuff in, he found some pictures and art that his boys had made in the desk. Robert thought we should drop them off to his wife, he figured she would want them. He was correct, she seemed so happy to get the stuff and told Robert if he found anything else, please make sure she got it. As we stood and chatted she started talking about Chris and how it was still so unreal, she could not believe she was not married anymore, that she was there alone. She has 2 little boys who keep her quite busy, she says that helps somewhat. I could see her love for her husband in her eyes.

This morning when I was reading on the Lamberths website how Angie already feels alone after Mark went to be with Jesus yesterday after a month of struggling to live after his accident I started to think about death and love. I have lost people in my life by death, but not a spouse. I watched my dad after he lost my mom and my sister after she lost her husband, but have never experienced anything like this myself. I experienced a divorce, the ties of love are severed in a divorce, you make a choice that for some reason you can no longer be with that person, your feelings you once felt are no longer there, at least not like they once were. But, to lose someone you still love, by no choice of your own, how do you move on? Do you ever stop loving that person? If you do move on do you talk to your new love interest about that person?

These are just some things that went through my mind.

I want to end this by saying that my heart goes out to Angie and Shannon, they both have such a long and winding road ahead, they suddenly by no choice of there own are now single parents raising boys alone. I will pray for them every day, for strength that only God can give them.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School

I am getting so nervous as the first day of classes grow nearer. This is such a comitment and it takes so much time away from my family! I know that I am doing this for the family as much as I am for my self, but I still worry about not spending as much time with them. I do praise God for the months that he has given me with them since I have been laid off. I have had time to spend with the boys in the afternoon and have actually been able to cook real meals. I know that with my schedule I will still be able to cook at least casseroles or in the Crock Pot.

I am sure that all will be well as long as I continue to seek God and his will.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

We had a great time last night! Robert and I went to some of our friends house and played Rock Band on the Wii. That is way harder than it looks! We watched the ball drop on ABC, poor Dick Clark looks so bad, but he has done the show now for 36 years!!

I hope you all have a great New Year!