Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quick and Tasty chicken salad

I thought since it is getting warm you may be interested in a real easy chicken salad recipe:

I use a Rotisserie chicken (either lemon pepper or original) because it gives it great flavor and it is already cooked, so you do not have to cook the chicken, it makes it a lot quicker. I let put the chicken in the fridge and let it get cool. After it is cool, take the skin off and pull the chicken off the bone. I just rip the chicken up, in small pieces if I want to use it for sandwiches, or bigger pieces if I plan to serve it as a salad. I then add mayonaise, I add it a wooden spoonful at a time until I get the right consistency. Salt and pepper to taste and serve on sandwiches. If I plan to serve it as a salad I also add sliced red seedless grapes and either wal-nuts, peacans or almonds and serve with crackers. I hope you enjoy it!!

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