Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The snow was so beautiful and so much fun to play in, but in all of this beauty and fun there were a lot of people without power, and it was very cold for this area, especially in March. I am very thankful that we did not lose power at all during this storm. Another problem caused by the 2 to 3 days of rain prior to the snow and then this very heavy wet snow was that trees were falling everywhere. One of our friends had an oak tree fall in his front yard, it totaled his truck, fishing boat, his neighbors 3 cars and motorcycle and also hit his neighbors roof and knocked down power lines, so on top of all of the damage, they had no power!! The interstates were backed up for hours and there were lots of wrecks and several teenagers lost their lives in weather related accidents. I am so very thankful that my family was warm, dry and safe during this storm!


  1. Gorgeous photo! Sorry to hear about the tree and the accidents. :o(

  2. Glad you guys had fun in the snow and were safe! Sorry to hear about your neighbors.