Friday, March 13, 2009

Prayer Please

I have a huge request today. I think most of you know that I have been out of work since last May and have been unable to find a job, and am now in school full time for nursing. My husband called me just a few minutes ago and told me that it is a very real possibility that he may also lose his job. I know God is in control and he will take care of us, but if he loses his job we have no way to pay any bills. It is a very real possibility that we will lose our house and that I may have to quit school to be able to survive, that is if I can even find a job! Please just pray that Robert and I have peace, no matter what happens with his job!




  1. Renee' oh I'm praying. Pls let us know what happens...sending warm hugs and love your way...
    This happened to us once early in our marriage, the insecurity was the worst part but God was faithful and I'm praying he'll show you His faithfulness all day today...
    (Thank you so very much for all your prayers over the past week)