Thursday, December 18, 2008

The "Real" Santa is in Charlotte, NC

We had a wonderful night last night. We decided to go to Charlotte, NC (about a hour trip) to Bass Pro Shop because they have Santa's Wonderland until Christmas Eve night. They have Santa and some retro games like a Red Ryder bb gun shooting range! It was so fun! We did not tell the boys where we were going. We told them we were going to the store, when we got past Gaffney the boys realized that we weren't just going to the store, but had not figured out where we were going. In fact, Devin figured it out when we got off of the exit, but Braxton did not until we pulled into the parking lot, and he had no idea that Santa was there.

We went inside and found Santa, when Braxton saw him he looked at me and said, "how did they get the real Santa". Look at him, he has a real beard and everything! He is the real santa! He was so excited! We played the games for a while and then left.

On the way home Robert decided to go through Macadenville, a town in NC that everyone in the town puts up lights! It was great. We went on a good night, it only took us about 30 minutes to go through the entire town. On the weekends it takes 2 or 3 hours due to traffic!

The boys enjoyed it. Even Devin said that even though the activities weren't some that he would have chosen, he enjoyed the family time!


  1. Vanessa,
    It was so much fun! Nothing like seeing that glow in your kids eyes!

  2. I love those little serendipities in life! Your son looks so happy!

  3. That is awesome--I've heard great things about this event. Great photo--that Santa looks very real!

  4. that so cute! Did you see my new header, i made it at