Thursday, December 4, 2008

Braxton and Rudolph

Last night Braxton and I watched Rudolph, another one of those must watch Christmas shows. Devin was at church, but would not have watched it anyway, he is too old and too cool to watch these shows with me anymore. I am so thankful that Braxton is still into it. He has a little Rudolph that his "Aunt Grandma" had given him a couple of years ago, so he had to get it to watch the show with. He was sooooo funny, he acted it out with his Rudolph. I have attached some pictures below:
He and Rudolph are intently watching at this point.

Then came the moment when Clarisse told Rudolph he was cute!

I'm not sure what part this was, but he was talking for Rudolph! It was adorable!!!

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