Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas traditions

This year my sister is in Florida and won't be here on Christmas day so we are going to have our Christmas dinner that I usually do on Christmas Eve on the Sunday after Christmas, so Robert declared that I will not cook 2 big meals, it is too much work and he won't allow it! I was glad to hear it actually.

I told the boys that I thought I would make Nacho soup on Christmas Eve and we would have our "big" dinner when Tracy came over and they were thrilled! Devin even thought we should make the Nacho soup our new tradition for Christmas Eve. He said, mom, you work so hard that you can't enjoy the time with us, so why don't we just make the soup our new tradition!

What a smart husband and kid I have. It will be so much more fun to cook the big meal with my sister on Sunday, she plans to come and help me! The older we get the more fun doing things like that together are! I am so excited about our new tradition!

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