Monday, December 28, 2009


I was cleaning up my son, Devin's room and came across the rough draft of a paper that Devin had written titled Mom, My Hero. He had given me the final draft last year after his English teacher graded it and told him that she thought I would like to read it. I was swept away then, but today when I found the rough drafts I was really blown away! There were even more details in his rough drafts, it was amazing what he noticed in me and even respected. In moments that I did not realize he was watching me, he was. It made me think deeply, if he saw all of these things he perceived as good, what had he seen that was not good, that I did not realize. It made me realize what a big influence I am as a parent in my children's lives, both good and bad! What a big responsibility that is!!! I am honored that at 16 years old I am still his "hero" and I will try so much harder to deserve this title!

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