Thursday, August 14, 2008

I miss my boys

Things around here get so hectic, the boys running around screaming, usually at each other, washing clothes, cooking, trying to keep the house clean! There are times when I think that I would love a week to myself! Well, this is the boys week with their dad. Usually the last week of summer they stay with their dad. The first couple of days are great, it is so quiet and I get their rooms clean and organize everything! By Wednesday or Thursday the silence is deafening! It is amazing how much you miss the arguing, but especially the hugs and kisses and I love you Mom! Of course I call them every day to talk to them. And their dad lives less than 15 minutes from my house, it's not like they are across the country or something. I will see them tomorrow when I register them for school and then they will be home on Saturday!

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