Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer fun

This summer was about spending some time with my boys. Devin started working this summer, so he only went on one trip with us, to Cherokee, NC. Robert, Braxton and I also went to visit his family near Syracuse NY and then to Gettysburg, PA. Other than the trips I enjoyed spending time with the boys just hanging out at the mall, at the local water park or just around the house spending quality time togehter. I did not get to see Storm a lot, he is still doing his own thing, please keep him in your prayers. Also keep Robert in your prayers, he has an interview today and could possibly still have an opportunity to go back into the work he used to do in Nuclear power plants and would be in Kansas for several months. This would be a good opportunity!
I have posted some pictures of our trips!
Braxton shooting the cannon at Gettysburg.
Braxon with his favorite monument at Gettysburg.

Braxton and 2 of our grandchildren, Colby (4) and Akayla (3) at the Alpaca farm in Marathon, NY

Braxton on his new bike. "The Fastest Bike Ever".

Braxton floating down the river in Cherokee, NC

Braxton on a rock in the river in Cherokee, NC

Devin skipping rocks across the river in Cherokee, NC

Pouty face Devin!

Devin exhausted after cross country practice.

My stud Devin relaxing in the sun on our visit to Cherokee, NC

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  1. Looks like you all have had a full and fun summer! Hope the interview, etc., went well. :o)