Friday, January 9, 2009

Love Lost?

I stood in the livingroom of an aquaintance who had lost her husband recently. I went to high school with her husband and Robert and I both worked with him. Robert was recently moved into his office and in the process of moving his stuff in, he found some pictures and art that his boys had made in the desk. Robert thought we should drop them off to his wife, he figured she would want them. He was correct, she seemed so happy to get the stuff and told Robert if he found anything else, please make sure she got it. As we stood and chatted she started talking about Chris and how it was still so unreal, she could not believe she was not married anymore, that she was there alone. She has 2 little boys who keep her quite busy, she says that helps somewhat. I could see her love for her husband in her eyes.

This morning when I was reading on the Lamberths website how Angie already feels alone after Mark went to be with Jesus yesterday after a month of struggling to live after his accident I started to think about death and love. I have lost people in my life by death, but not a spouse. I watched my dad after he lost my mom and my sister after she lost her husband, but have never experienced anything like this myself. I experienced a divorce, the ties of love are severed in a divorce, you make a choice that for some reason you can no longer be with that person, your feelings you once felt are no longer there, at least not like they once were. But, to lose someone you still love, by no choice of your own, how do you move on? Do you ever stop loving that person? If you do move on do you talk to your new love interest about that person?

These are just some things that went through my mind.

I want to end this by saying that my heart goes out to Angie and Shannon, they both have such a long and winding road ahead, they suddenly by no choice of there own are now single parents raising boys alone. I will pray for them every day, for strength that only God can give them.

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